Our 100% online MSc courses are designed to challenge, inspire and help you build the real-world skills to evolve your career. At present we offer five online courses:

  1. Applied Economics online MSc: which provides you with the ability to analyse, interpret and criticially evaluate economic data and research for your organisation.
  2. Artificial Intelligence online MSc: equips you with a fresh, comprehensive understanding of AI and its application in the real world.
  3. Business Analytics online MSc: offers you the data and decision analysis skills to convert big data into knowledge.
  4. Computer Science online MSc: covers the skills you’ll need for a technical, digital role.
  5. Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation online MSc: helps you develop the critical thinking skills needed to approach today’s business challenges in different and innovative ways.

1. Flexibility

On average, students studying an online postgraduate qualification are aged 34, often balancing education with work, family and other obligations. Our online degrees are designed to fit around your current commitments, so you can continue to work while you study.

The course content is available online 24/7 and, as long as you hit your assignment deadlines, you can learn at a time and place of your choosing. Compared to campus-based courses, this can be a welcome bonus, because you can ensure your studies fit around your work.

2. Relevance

There's nothing quite like being able to put your learning into practice straight away, and with online learning you can. Our courses are designed so that you can take the lessons learned and apply them immediately within your place of work. You can then report back to your fellow students through the discussion boards to share what did/didn't work and why.

3. Exposure

There's a big wide world outside of your office walls, which an online degree opens your eyes to. From day one of your course you become part of a global community of students, where you have countless opportunities to learn from each other and share different country and cultural perspectives. Furthermore, you'll uncover professional opportunities for after you graduate that you wouldn't otherwise have come across, simply by networking with your cohorts.


Including 37% who felt it was a 'superior' experience, 85% of students who have previously enrolled in both face-to-face and online courses felt their online experience was either the same or better than the classroom course. With your tutors available through the online discussion forums, coaching you to go deeper or consider alternative perspectives, you can be confident of graduating with a master's that's equal to one obtained through campus-based study.

5. Value

When you choose an online degree at the University of Bath, you'll be studying the same content as your campus-based peers, and you'll graduate with the same degree. 

In the professional world, if you've studied with a credible university, employers view an online degree as no different to one obtained through campus-based study. If anything, an online degree is evidence to employers of highly effective time-management and productivity. Two-thirds of online students report they achieved the original goal that motivated them to enroll in their course, with 86% considering the value of their degree equal to, or greater than, the cost they paid to pursue it.

6. Soft skills

You may have embarked on an online course for the qualification, but in the process of studying, you'll acquire and develop several 'soft' skills. Valued highly by employers, these personal skills, such as communication, teamwork and organisation, are hard to recruit for but can be the difference between hiring a candidate or not - in one study of HR professionals, 66% said their company had rejected an otherwise qualified candidate because of deficient soft skills.

7. Preference

Different people process information in different ways. The VARK model states that there are four main learning styles:

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Read/write
  4. Kinesthetic sensory

Choosing to study an online degree, you'll gain access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) from day one of your course. With the opportunity to browse the University’s extensive online library, use our suite of innovative online tools, indulge in real-life case studies, watch engaging video content and participate in group discussions, we offer content to suit everyone's learning style to help you get the most from your course.

8. Mastery

As part of our intrinsic motivation, we all have the desire to become the best version of ourselves and reach our full potential. This is achieved through continuous learning and practice. Choosing to study an online master's is a serious commitment and not one to be taken lightly. You probably have a vision of what your ultimate career goal is, and enrolling at the University of Bath, we can help you get there.

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