“The program is well structured and challenging to provide the best student experience.” 
We hear from Emmanuel Nkrumah to learn more about his experience and perception for our online MSc Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets).
What is your current job role and professional experiences?
I'm currently working as a Trader at Absa Group Ltd, a South African-based financial services group covering African currencies’ spot trading. I've joined the banking industry fresh out of college (University of Ghana) in 2015 and have primarily been working within the global markets division.
What drives your career interest?
The gratification that comes from problem-solving, connecting the dots, learning new things, and mentoring are the few things that drive my career interest.
What motivated you to study at our University and the Applied Economics (Banking & Financial Markets) online MSc in particular?
I shopped around for a program with a strong emphasis on a real-world financial application that will challenge my thought process and offer a platform to learn from my cohort and share a plethora of lived experiences and perspectives. The Applied Economics (Banking & Financial Markets) course at the University of Bath presented itself not only as a good intellectual fit but offered the tools and flexibility around classes to scale my career to the next level.
What has been the best part of your course so far and how has it helped you in your current role?
The best part of the program is that it does not feel like a virtual program. I enjoy the discussion forum where I can learn and share knowledge about any subject matter with brilliant minds from all over the world. The course incorporates technology in research and analytics, which has shaped my trading strategies and skills immensely.
How would you describe your academic experience in just one sentence?
Reflecting on my academic experience, I would say that there’s been a tremendous paradigm shift in my thought process, and the connections forged in and outside the classroom have proved lucrative.
For anyone looking to study the Applied Economics (Banking & Financial Markets) online MSc at University of Bath, what advice would you give?
I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get their feet wet again in applying economic concepts to real-world problems. The program is well structured and challenging, combining technology and pedagogy to provide the best student experience.


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