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Enriched by world-class, research-led teaching and the latest digital tools, our online MSc courses will challenge and inspire you, helping you build the real-world skills to evolve your career.

With regular encouragement, support and interaction with lecturers and peers, our virtual classroom technology ensures our online Master of Science degrees are as active and engaging as possible. It’s a golden opportunity to improve your prospects without interrupting your existing work or lifestyle commitments.

We currently offer the following online MSc courses:

Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc

Packed with real-world insights, this course is perfect for students from non-economics backgrounds, such as social sciences and humanities. It is delivered by active, published lecturers, recognised globally for contemporary research into economic theory, econometrics and finance. Further your understanding, practical skills and confidence for a career in the world of banking and finance or public economics.

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Artificial Intelligence online MSc

Covering topics from programming and data science to robotics and machine learning, this online MSc in AI will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to forge a career in this rapidly evolving field. As well as mastering the technical aspects of AI, you will also understand the sometimes-overlooked ethical implications of AI by examining laws, policies and other indicators of accountability.

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Business Analytics online MSc

Combining the disciplines of data science and business management, this online MSc will equip you with the technical proficiencies and the strategic, decision-making leadership skills necessary to further your career in business analytics. Featuring units run in partnership with IBM, the course is grounded in practice-based, real-world insights that can be applied to a host of data-focused industries and sectors.

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Business Analytics online PGDip

The PGDip features 12 units from the MSc course to provide advanced competencies in data mining, machine learning, business statistics, and beyond. Develop expertise in quantitative techniques as you learn to organise, interpret, visualise, and present big data, becoming an asset to global organisations. Through our IBM partnership, you'll gain hands-on experience with innovative software that business analytics professionals leverage to uncover trends and address business challenges.

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Business Analytics online PGCert

The online PGCert course equips you with business analytics knowledge for harnessing valuable insights gleaned from big data. You'll complete six online units that explore business statistics, intelligence, forecasting, and other concepts. The course also focuses on software and techniques for collecting, processing, and analysing data, enabling you to spotlight trends and opportunities in a global economy.

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Computer Science online MSc

This online MSc will give you everything you need to upgrade your career. Delivered by leading researchers in AI, human computer interaction and cybersecurity, you’ll gain the insights and skills to prepare you for new technology challenges. The University of Bath leads the Institute of Coding, an initiative that gives employers an opportunity to contribute to our courses. This ensures you’re developing skills that are in demand.

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Engineering Business Management online MSc

Move to a leadership role with a uniquely tailored course that combines management skills, concepts and practical application within technical or engineering contexts. This versatile course can help you reach your career goals. Your studies will include business analysis, product development and supply chain management. You will apply innovative managerial tools and theories to real-world challenges. As you learn from faculty who have industry experience, you and your peers will apply your skills in multidisciplinary teams.

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Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation online MSc

This course provides a stimulating environment to develop the strategy, management and diplomacy skills necessary to spearhead company initiatives or start your own business. Delivered by academics leading contemporary research, at the EQUIS-accredited School of Management, you’ll be inspired by the latest thinking in management.

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Discover the right online MSc for you. Answer a few simple questions to see which of our future-focused online MSc courses is for you. Do you have an undergraduate degree? Yes.What subject was your undergraduate degree in? Social science or business related. Were part of your studies in a quantitative field? No. Engineering Business Management. Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation. Were part of your studies in a quantitative field? Yes. Business Analytics: Programming is an advantage, but other applicants will be considered. Applied Economics. What subject was your undergraduate degree in? STEM with high quantitative content. Business Analytics: Programming is an advantage, but other applicants will be considered. Artificial Intelligence. Applied Economics. Computer Science. Engineering Business Management. Do you have an undergraduate degree? No. Our MSc courses require a bachelors degree or equivalent. However, relevant work experience or professional qualifications may be considered under certain circumstances. Speak to our online admissions team to see if you qualify. Found a course match? To make sure it’s right for you and to take the next step, speak to a member of our online admissions team today. Online admissions team: online-admissions@bath.ac.uk +44(0)1225 738000 Keen to come to study on campus? We have a world of options for you to explore on www.bath.ac.uk/courses.

By taking our campus programmes online, it makes them more accessible to adult learners who are balancing a busy schedule of work and family responsibilities. It will also increase our reach into a new student demographic, particularly mid-career professionals.

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