MSc Artificial Intelligence careers

Artificial intelligence is being applied across a range of industries. From software professionals and consulting engineers to economists and marketers, there is a huge opportunity for specialists to meet an increasing demand for artificial intelligence jobs in this challenging, fast-moving field.

With both technical and more general routes of study available, this course provides the practical skills for professionals interested in honing their advanced technical knowledge, as well as those who are keen to explore the broader, ethical implications of AI.

Because AI is relevant to so many sectors, the skills you learn on this course can be applied in roles at technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. Whether you’re looking to future-proof a current role or planning to build a new tech start-up business, this course is key to unlocking your career.

Artificial Intelligence Career Paths

Our online MSc can open up artificial intelligence jobs in a range of domains. So, whether you’re a recent computer science graduate looking to branch out into this emerging field, or a more seasoned professional keen to embrace a new challenge, this course will help you forge a career in this emerging field.

Typically, a student who opts for the technical study pathway will be looking to specialise in the field of AI. Those who choose the general route will more likely be seeking a way into AI via a non-computer science background, perhaps to improve their programming skills.

Career Development

Wherever you want to take your artificial intelligence career path, we’ll support you to develop the skills you need. As well as providing the teaching and experience to further your career, we can help you improve your CV and find your perfect role.

I’ve got a new job with better benefits because this course has already started to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Plus, studying part-time while working helps you to stand out from other interview candidates and showed my dedication to my career to my previous manager and my new one.

Jess Crees

Real-world expertise

Heading up the Institute of Coding, the University of Bath is able to draw on input from prospective employers, bringing a strong practical element into the course and opening up a diverse range of artificial intelligence career paths. The Institute of Coding was conceived by a group of universities and major businesses to fill the gap in the digital careers market.

It’s these valuable insights that are the key to preparing you for a long, rewarding career path in artificial intelligence.

I remember after finishing the first two modules at Bath I realised that the quality, intensity and amount of knowledge I’d received in the past 4 months outweighed all that I’ve been learning in the previous year through the various online courses.

Mohammad Dasseh