Online MSc Applied Economics (Banking and Finance)

Economics for the real world

From political uncertainty and technological change to finance and recruitment demands, economics is integral to our decision-making, and yet most online economics degrees emphasise theory over practice. Our Online MSc Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) takes you beyond the research papers and into the real world, giving you insights you can put into action from day one.  

A practical approach makes our economics degree ideal for those from less technical backgrounds, such as social sciences or humanities, who wish to launch careers in banking and finance and public economics.

By being the first in the UK to offer a master’s in applied economics online, the University of Bath gives time-pressed professionals a unique opportunity to further their prospects in this versatile vocation without interrupting their existing careers.

Learn from the best

Our online master’s in economics is run by the Department of Economics, recognised globally for its research in economic theory, econometrics and finance.

With courses led by active, published researchers in economics, our applied economics course is bursting with contemporary ideas and unique case studies. This will keep you plugged in, whilst giving you the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and confidence employers expect.

Whether you want to embark on a banking or finance career in government or industry, we’ll make your employability our top priority. The Guardian recently rated the University of Bath’s economics course top for career prospects after six months. If you want to be the source of economic insights for your business, we can make it happen.