Your career prospects

For a step up the career ladder, our online economics degree is ideal, offering essential economics skills that can be applied from day one. Furthermore, our reputation for high-quality research and teaching ensures our graduates are prized by employers.

By undertaking a master’s in applied economics at the University of Bath, you unlock the door to a host of new career opportunities. Some graduates go on to fill vacancies in major banks and financial institutions, while others run public policy for the government or become consultants in the private sector.

The practical components of the course create countless opportunities to develop the essential skills employees expect. That’s one reason why our graduates have such a great employment record.

‘I have changed employers since starting this course and studying towards my masters differentiated me from other candidates in a crowded field of accountants and financial analysts.’
Ané Craig, Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc student

Apply your potential

Due to applied nature of this economics degree, this course is perfect for people who have had a first job or graduate training in an area that isn’t economics. For example, those who have studied business studies, law, psychology, or other courses with some element of numeracy, will find this course particularly beneficial.

The skills offered on this course will give you the confidence to switch career track, whether you’re looking to get involved in economics research or work for an economics think tank.

Where our students go on to work

We have an excellent record for graduate employment in economics, with regular visits from employers keen to recruit our graduates. Graduates from our campus MSc have been employed by a range of organisations including:

  • KPMG
  • Google
  • Oracle
  • HM Treasury
  • Bank of England
  • AXA
  • HSBC
  • Marriot Hotels & Resorts
  • BNP Paribas
  • BlackRock
  • Total Gas & Power
  • Deloitte
  • Waitrose
  • Transport London

Build your network

Due to the flexible nature of our online course in Applied Economics, a high proportion of our students have professional experience. We have students currently employed at some of the leading UK and international firms. These include Airbnb, ASOS, Bank of Scotland, Bosch, Deloitte, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Royal Bank of Scotland and TSB Bank.

High levels of student interaction on our course mean that you can build your network through connecting with the people you will study alongside. The course encourages online communication and interaction through discussion forums, which often form part of your weekly activities throughout the duration of your Masters.

Students currently undertaking our course are from a mixture of backgrounds including approximately 14% who are analysts, 11% work in finance, 8% are managers, 5% working as traders, and others work in auditing, risk-analysis and sales. The professional experiences of our online students adds great depth to our applied economics masters, as you can learn from the experiences of those around you, as well as our academics and the course content. 

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The MSc in Apply Economics can boost your career by providing you with effective analytical tools which can be put into practice as early as at a job interview. By having a strongly applied focus and a solid grounding in economic theory, you will be prepared to face diverse challenges and environments ranging from financial trading rooms to policy making institutions.

Dr. Simona Montagnana

Career Development

We know that the key reason for studying an online master’s in economics is to develop your career. We’ll give you all the support you need to develop the skills and abilities you need to realise your career ambitions. As well as providing the teaching and experience to further your career, we can help you improve your CV and find your perfect job.

An online programme allowed me to further my studies at a university abroad without interrupting my or my partner’s career in South Africa. Being able to continue working as a professional has also allowed me to fund my studies.

Ané Craig