“I chose the University of Bath due to its esteemed reputation in engineering education and its holistic approach to business management.”
We interviewed Afraaz Lodhi to learn more about his perspective on the Engineering Business Management online MSc at the University of Bath
What is your current job role and professional experiences, your employer, your educational and career background?
I am a mechanical engineering professional with six years of industrial experience in product development for a metal packaging company undertaking product and process development projects. My undergraduate background is a First-Class Honours BEng in Mechanical Engineering. I currently work as a Team Leader and am responsible for managing a group of engineers and a portfolio of projects for two global regions with a multitude of stakeholders. I have also recently completed a Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship from IfATE and a Level 3 CMI Diploma in Principles of Management and Leadership.
What motivated you to choose the University of Bath in particular?
I chose the University of Bath due to its esteemed reputation in engineering education and its holistic approach to business management. The university's commitment to excellence in both fields resonated with my goal to bridge the gap between engineering principles and effective business strategies.
Why did you decide to study an Engineering Business Management MSc? 
Pursuing an Engineering Business Management MSc was a natural progression in my career. I aimed to augment my technical expertise in mechanical engineering with a comprehensive understanding of business management principles, crucial for effective leadership in the engineering industry.
What are the advantages of studying online at the University of Bath?
Studying online offers flexibility, allowing me to balance coursework with my demanding work commitments. The online platform facilitates interactive learning, providing access to diverse resources, and fostering collaboration with peers and experts globally. 
How has the programme benefited you and your career so far?
The course has already enhanced my leadership capabilities and decision-making skills. I've implemented strategic approaches learned in the program to optimise project outcomes, improving efficiency and communication within my team.
What are your career goals? How do you think this course will help you reach them? 
My career goals involve advancing into higher leadership roles within the engineering domain. This course equips me with a broader skill set encompassing strategic planning, project management, and financial acumen, vital for steering teams and projects toward success.
What is the best feature about the online environment? What are you enjoying most about the online MSc?
The best feature of the online environment is its accessibility. It transcends geographical boundaries, allowing seamless participation from diverse perspectives, fostering a rich and inclusive learning atmosphere. What I enjoy most about the online MSc is the ability to apply theoretical concepts directly to real-world scenarios in my day-to-day role. The coursework is engaging, and the opportunity to interact with professionals from various backgrounds enriches the learning experience.
Would you recommend this programme to others? If yes, why and do you have any advice for anyone considering enrolling?
I would encourage future students to embrace the collaborative nature of online learning. Engage actively with peers and instructors, leverage networking opportunities, and apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios to maximise learning outcomes.


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