“Artificial Intelligence is essential to position yourself in the industry for the next technology wave.”
We hear from Jeremy Green to learn more about his perspective on the Artificial Intelligence online MSc.
What is your current job role, employer and professional experiences?
A Computer Science graduate, my career has been in Financial Services for the 25 years across the UK, South America and Asia. I'm currently working with Fintech as CISO and Head of Infrastructure in Singapore .My career has been in the filed of engineering ; low latency data distribution, data management and technology commercial management, compliance and data engineering. 
What motivated you to study at our University and the Artificial Intelligence online MSc in particular?
Several pivotal advancements have come about in corporate technology:  development has moved to Agile, infrastructure has moved to Cloud with DevOps.  Artificial Intelligence remains in specialised departments with technology leaders, in general, completely unaware of the field.  Looking ahead at a career in technology, an in-depth understanding of Artificial Intelligence is essential to position yourself in the industry for the next technology wave.
What has been the best part of your course so far and how has it helped you in your current role?
I have enjoyed greatly sections on ethics, natural language processing and machine learning. It is the key concepts that underline these technologies that are of importance to my current role.  Data products that we are building will benefit greatly from these technologies.
For anyone looking to study the Artificial Intelligence online MSc, what advice would you give?
I would highly recommend this course to anyone mid-career who is looking to refresh the content of their original computer science degree.
How would you describe your academic experience in just one sentence?
As a mature student, being emersed back into academia has been mind-opening: learning new concepts and ideas, rather than the employment-focused ongoing improvement of existing ideas and processes. 


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