“I’ve got a new job with better benefits because of online MSc course.”
We hear from Jess Cress to learn more about her experience and perception on the online MSc in Computer science at the University of Bath.
What is your current job, career so far and your level of experience in the digital arena?
I’m a front-end web developer with about 3 years’ experience in industry working with several companies to improve the user experience of their products. My prior education includes a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and multiple online courses to fill the gaps in my knowledge.
How has the course helped you in your current role so far?
I’ve gotten a new job with better pay and benefits because this course has already started to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Plus studying part-time while working helps you to stand out from other interview candidates and showed my dedication to my career to my previous manager and my new one.
Why did you choose the University of Bath?
I chose the University of Bath because they are part of the Institute of Coding which aims to increase the number of people who can work in technology. It’s important to me to study at a university that understands the real-world impact of technology and I believe that the University of Bath’s involvement in the Institute of Coding shows their commitment to this.
Why did you decide to study an MSc Computer Science?
I chose to study a MSc Computer Science at the University of Bath because the curriculum covered all the areas that I wanted to learn more about but had struggled to teach myself. I felt I had too many gaps in my knowledge after my bachelor’s degree and that this master’s degree would give me the foundations, I needed to teach myself more complicated subjects in the future as my career, and technology, progresses.
What are the advantages of studying online at the University of Bath?
The freedom to study at a university that really cares about their students without having to uproot your whole life to take advantage of such a useful and interesting course. Studying a degree online gives me the freedom to continue working full-time while I study. I don’t have to sacrifice my current job to improve my prospects and I find that my colleagues are often interested in what I’m learning too. Being able to contact my course tutors online and study the material when it suits me gives me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world while I study.
What are you enjoying most about the online MSc?
I’m really enjoying being challenged in assignments while having the support of all my course mates. We’re all from such a wide variety of backgrounds and all with different levels of experience that no one discourages you from asking questions, and when grades are due to be released, we’re all prepared to commiserate with and congratulate each other for how well we’ve done. There’s a friendly and supportive atmosphere from everyone learning and teaching the course.
What are your career goals? How do you think this course will help you reach them?
As I have several decades of my career still to come, my career goals are to make sure I can keep up with the latest developments in technology. This degree will give me the foundations I need in multiple areas to be able to build upon when new technology comes out. Should I wish to move from web development into security or artificial intelligence then I will already have a background in those areas to get me started and give me a jumpstart into that part of the technology industry.
Do you have any advice for future students?
In three years’, time you’ll be three years older. Why not be three years older and have a master’s degree in an interesting subject? If you make sure to engage with the material, and ask any questions you have, then you’ll have no problem showing everyone what you’re made of.

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