“This course has benefitted me in more ways than I could imagine”.
We hear from Ross Gray to learn more about his perspective on the online MSc Business Analytics at the University of Bath.
What is your current job role and professional experiences, your employer, your educational and career background?
I’m 25 and I am an Insight Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group. I previously worked at Hargreaves Lansdown as a Junior Analyst. Prior to this, I worked within one of their operations departments, following the completion of my undergraduate course in Business & Management from the University of the West of England in 2020. 
What motivated you to choose an online study programme as opposed to campus?
I live in Bristol, spend nearly all my time here and do not want to leave. Due to other professional, living, and financial commitments, partaking in a post-graduate online course was my only option.  The online nature of the course allows me to utilise my time, providing a convenient and flexible alternative to the somewhat demanding alternative of face-to-face campus learning. 
What motivated you to choose the University of Bath in particular?
I was on the search for post-graduate degrees of this type from respectable institutes of which were being offered on a part-time basis. When I came across the programme in question being offered by none other than the University of Bath, I leaped at the opportunity and began building application right away. I really mean it when I say I have absolutely no regrets and have not looked back since.
How has the programme benefited you and your career so far?
The programme has benefitted me in more ways than I could imagine and really contributed to me securing my two previous roles of which are both data orientated. In addition to this, it has allowed me to further thrive in my professional career.
Has the programme helped you to overcome any challenges in your current role and how?
Prior to the starting the course, I had never been in a role massively related to business analytics and data. Once I secured a role within this area, some aspects were familiar to me, diminishing the need for training.
How helpful have you found your Student Services Coordinator? 
My Student Services Coordinator is totally brilliant, always professional and an absolute asset to the university. She is empathic, understanding and always at hand to provide informative, first-class knowledge and in regarding anything I’ve ever needed to know to do with the University and course. I cannot emphasise enough how great it is to have people like her at hand. 
Would you recommend this programme to others? If yes, why and do you have any advice for anyone considering enrolling?
A 100% resounding yes. It has elevated and continues to elevate my professional capabilities and looks totally brilliant to employers.

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