There are various skills that universities require students to have before embarking on their postgraduate degree. Pre-existing quantitative skills, for example, can help students to successfully develop their work with numerical data and reasoning – going beyond simply working with numbers to help guide strategic decision-making. Companies value employees with these skills as they are useful for identifying trends that can influence business decisions. 
The University of Bath’s Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc requires students to have this background as the course allows them to build upon economic theories and use this toolkit in an applied nature. It also encourages students to actively push content out and empowers them with the tools to act and respond to growing economic and policy issues, ultimately making them more competitive in the global workplace.  
It's therefore important for prospective students to have a quantitative skill set as they are more likely to be successful on the course and become a strong candidate for future job roles. Graduates can use these skills to develop budgets, perform cost analysis and price projections, prepare financial statements and reports, test the impact of policies, advise creditors on whom to loan, and develop interest rates for creditors. Between 2020 and 2021, job postings related to Applied Economics increased by 65% across the UK (Burning Glass 2022).  
“A better understanding of economics and quantitative skills complements my existing qualifications, furthers my career, and enables me to better respond to future opportunities.” 
- Ane Craig, Applied Economics online MSc student 
If you have an appetite for learning, but feel you need to improve and refine your quantitative skills before embarking on an Applied Economics MSc degree, the University of Bath also provides access to free Mathematics and Statistics Help (MASH) for prospective students who qualify for the course but need a refresher. 
MASH is part of the University’s Mathematics Resources Centre, it’s an opportunity to network, work through resources, and tap into support if needed. Building student’s knowledge prior to joining the course also means that cohorts begin on a level playing field, ultimately enhancing the overall student experience, and improving the already high retention rates at the University. 
 “The Applied Economics (Banking & Financial Markets) course at the University of Bath presented itself not only as a good intellectual fit but offered the tools, workshops and flexibility around classes to scale my career to the next level.”  
- Emmanuel Nkrumah, Applied Economics online MSc student 
Bottom line? To advance your career in economics and aspire to higher levels of responsibility, it’s important to develop your quantitative skill set prior to joining a master's level course. Doing this will certainly pay dividends for future success. 
Find out how you can make strategic economic decisions that impact everyday lives. Join the University of Bath’s next student intake. 

Authored on 14.12.23


The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing. Course elements, rankings, and other data may change. Please refer to the online courses page for the most up-to-date details.

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