In one of the toughest business climates of modern times, how do we spark new opportunities? Core proficiencies such as data analysis, operations and ecommerce, as well as softer skills like leadership and problem solving, are key. But more than that, what we truly need is a whole new way of thinking.

Through its online Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation Master’s course, the University of Bath aims to nurture a fundamental understanding of business, as well as the pioneering mindset needed to enable students to become agents of change.

Pilot your own journey

By extracting principles of innovation from case studies and business models, the course encourages students to develop their own unique ways of thinking, giving them the confidence to expand their own business, kick-start a new enterprise or make greater positive social or commercial impact.

Course lecturer Professor Dimo Dimov, one of the top 100 entrepreneurship professors worldwide, said about the course: “You are not going to be told exactly, in whatever situation you might be facing, this is the thing to do. This course is about enabling you to forge your own path forward. Situations we face are different, the challenges are different, so it's very naive to think there is a single recipe that we apply to all.”

“The question then becomes: how do we connect our experience with the experience of others, how can we learn from the experience of others and look at what they’ve done, and understand the context and extract guiding principles to help us deal with the situation that we face? But ultimately everyone will create their own journey.”

Unwrap the layers of entrepreneurship

The key to any successful journey is preparation. This is why the course begins by building an understanding of the fundamental elements of business, such as strategy, finance and people management, and more importantly, how these elements are all interconnected.

The subsequent layer of study explores from conception through to large-scale development, helping to nurture innovative thinking through subjects such as incubation and acceleration.

Next, students navigate the social, situational and organisational challenges faced when implementing an idea in the real world. This enables students to leave the course with the ability to apply their ideas in a genuine business setting.

Finally, to wrap the course up, students are asked to complete a project. This is an opportunity to turn their best idea into a viable business model, drawing on knowledge and theories from their work throughout the course.

Course Leader Dr Stoyan Stoyanov summarised the course design: “This programme is designed in a way that allows you to reflect on your own abilities and experiences and think of them as marketable assets around which you can build a company. So, going through the course, you will be equipped with different frameworks, processes that will help you initiate your own entrepreneurial journey.”

The course units provide the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the principles of innovation management
  • Explore the entrepreneurial journey from idea to venture
  • Creatively consider contemporary business issues
  • Develop the art of pitching winning propositions
  • Unlock the power of persuasion to garner support for ideas
  • Integrate data to inform your business decisions
  • Evaluate risk and adapt to challenging environments

Inspiration for the real world

Drawing on insights from the University of Bath’s business connections, including a partnership with the world’s leading business incubator, SETsquared, the course features a range of frameworks and models which can be applied in a student’s own business project. This extends beyond commercial business. By studying the establishment of businesses that benefit society, it encourages students to think about how they can make a greater social impact through entrepreneurship.

With regular opportunities to experiment and collaborate with peers from around the world, the course offers students further opportunities to expand their practical experience, not to mention grow their networks.

It’s these experiences that prepare students for a host of complex business challenges, paving the way for a variety of successful careers. Students who have studied the campus course have gone into banking, human resources, IT, marketing, operations and general management. Since the course is 100% online, students do not have to give up their current professional commitments to follow their career goals.

To master the techniques of entrepreneurship and achieve success in these difficult times, it’s crucial that students see graduating not as the end, but the beginning of something bigger. Because, when you think like an entrepreneur, there is no end to the possibilities for the future.

Start your journey to becoming an entrepreneur and request information for the University of Bath’s Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation online MSc today.

Authored on 19.05.20


The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing. Course elements, rankings, and other data may change. Please refer to the online courses page for the most up-to-date details.

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