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Why do we need more women in Computer Science

This article explores the gender bias currently present in computer science, and why more women in computer science could help to redress the balance

How to boost your career through an online Business Analytics MSc

The rise of highly automated, low-code environments has made many developer roles far more restricted. Give your career a boost with a Business Analytics online MSc.

The role of macro, micro and econometrics in banking and finance

This article explores the role of intelligent decision making in banking and finance through the role of macro, micro and econometrics.

Can entrepreneurship be learned

This article explores the question of what you can gain from a postgraduate degree in entrepreneurship and how it can lead to entrepreneurial success.

How to unlock your entrepreneurial mindset using business models

This article explores the entrepreneurial mindset and how the online MSc helps you understand business through the use of various business models and research.

Where studying an Applied Economics online MSc can take you

This article explores the varied career pathways which an online MSc in Applied Economics (Banking and Finance) can bolster.

How artificial intelligence is helping combat COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having an increasingly significant role in the way that critical events are monitored and managed.

Learning to look at business through a different lens

In one of the toughest business climates of modern times, how do we spark new opportunities? Core proficiencies such as data analysis, operations and ecommerce, as well as softer skills like leadership and problem solving, are key.

Tap into the big opportunities in big data

With so much data being generated every single day, there are many challenges for businesses trying to maximise data-driven insights.

Why a masters in computer science matters today

From finance to pharmaceuticals, nearly every industry sector is calling out for digital expertise.


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