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Using real-life scenarios to accelerate your business ideas

Building a successful venture from scratch requires a solid foundation in business management as well as an in depth understanding of how start-ups thrive in the real world.

Top smart machines of 2020

From medical robots, to algorithms which combat climate change, rapidly developing technology is finding answers to long-standing questions. It is teaching us to ask new questions which had never occurred to us before.

To what extent does Artificial Intelligence embed bias?

Using algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions is not a guarantor of impartiality. Humans design, train and deploy AIs. That leaves plenty of scope for the introduction of human bias and frailty into the functioning of these systems.

Find your future with an online MSc

Here we discuss ways to narrow down your choice of MSc, particularly if you have a business, science, technology, economics or mathematical background. In many cases, the core skills of these disciplines cross over, unlocking a wide range of rewarding careers, from IT to banking.

Why data analytics could be the answer to business’s biggest dilemmas

In our digital world, only the corporations that are able to capture, analyse and capitalise on this wealth of ‘Big Data’ will benefit and hold on to customers in ever-more competitive business environments.

How the growth in AI is enhancing employment opportunities

With many firms looking to boost recruitment as a result of AI investment, maybe it’s time to see growth in AI as an employment opportunity rather than a threat.

Where can an MSc in AI take you?

As well as providing a broad picture of AI, crucially the course highlights its application in the real world, notably through practical experience of key theories and principles. Find out more about opportunities you can derive from this online MSc.

Top five reasons start-ups fail (and how to ensure yours is a success)

Read this article to find out five of the top reasons start-ups can fail – and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Top eight benefits of learning online

Find out about some of the top benefits of studying our 100% courses, and discover some of the key ways to make the most of your experience whilst studying online with us.

How to prepare for postgraduate study

Prepare for your online degree success and your transition to online learning alongside the rest of your schedule will run smoothly.


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