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Three tips for students returning to education and study

Returning to university education is a decision that many find exciting but daunting. Read our tips for making a success of your online postgraduate study.

What is the first step to career reinvention?

Changing career can lead you to a better future, but where do you begin? Learn how to take that vital first step towards a successful career reinvention. 

How to study and work at the same time

At the University of Bath, we've designed a range of online courses that allow you to fit study around your current personal commitments. Many of our postgraduate students remain in full-time employment throughout their course, and don't let assignments get in the way of family time.

What can an Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation online MSc offer that no other programme can?

Our Entrepreneurship Management & Innovation online MSc provides an ideal opportunity in its ability to prime the entrepreneurs of tomorrow & their future.

How does a Computer Science online MSc benefit entrepreneurs?

IT innovation can give new businesses a unique edge over their competition. Discover why the online Computer Science MSc at Bath is ideal for entrepreneurs.

How to make the most of an online degree

Discover some of our top tips for making the most of your online degree. Here are some of the best ways you can engage with the online learning environment.

How to be empowered by the online learning journey

Online learning is increasing in popularity as ambitious professionals seek to continuously improve their skill sets to further their careers.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

So, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in today’s world? At the University of Bath, we believe it’s more than simply owning a business; it’s a state of mind. We’ve taken a closer look at what being entrepreneurial is all about.

Top tips for a successful personal statement

Writing a personal statement is with no doubt a challenging and daunting task. It may seem an impossible task to cram all the complexities and nuances that make you your own person into one single sheet of paper.

Why study the Applied Economics online MSc?

Some companies obsess over efficiency gains, constantly seeking new ways to cut costs and slash headcount. But it doesn’t work. Research shows that organisations that have made redundancies in an attempt to do more with less, actually damage the business.


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