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Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive: three types of business analytics

Despite the clear benefits of using data analytics in decision making, many organisations are still lacking the skills they need to optimise them. Find out more about the different types of analytics and how they come into play in business.

The future of algorithmic and computer trading in financial markets

The development and application of new technology, coupled with the increasing complexity of financial and trading markets, will have a huge impact on their future. Discover why in this piece.

Risk vs opportunity: the relationship between the economy and climate change

The effects of climate change extend far beyond the environment, having an impact on everything from international security to healthcare and the economy. This article discusses how banking and finance industries are changing the way they operate in preparation for a more environmentally sustainable future.

A digital shift: how COVID-19 has impacted business models

All businesses need a business model to ensure their organisation is viable. Find out how COVID-19 has the emphasised need for organisational flexibility and what this has meant for various business models in practical terms.

Why the world needs you to be a business analyst

Discover why business analytics are vital to a range of distinct industries, and find out more about where BA has impact in today’s fast paced world.

Accessing online guidance and support with us

As an online student at the University of Bath, you will receive continued support throughout your studies. Find out where you can access online support with the University of Bath.

Finding the career path for you

Although these career-orientated decisions may seem overwhelming, deciding on your future path does not have to be intimidating when you take the following simple steps.

Cybersecurity: why businesses should take it seriously

Cybersecurity is a growing industry. In the UK alone, the sector is now worth £8.3 billion — and climbing. Despite this, the UK has a serious cybersecurity skills gap. Discover more about the cybersecurity space.

How fintech is changing the future of traditional banking

Fintech is transforming the financial landscape, rapidly changing the ways that financial services are provided to businesses and consumers. Discover more about the impact of fintech on traditional banking in this piece.

Entrepreneurial business strategy: how do you spot a gap in the market?

The biggest reason new businesses fail is lack of market need. When it comes to building a viable entrepreneurial business strategy, the number one thing you need to do is identify a gap in the market.


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