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Entrepreneurship Management and Innovations online MSc Infographic

As you narrow down the possibilities of where to pursue your degree, consider who you’ll learn with. Your cohort can be a strong benefit to the course you select.  When your peers come from around the world and share similar professional roles, their experiences enhance your learning and worldview. By learning alongside a diverse cohort, you’ll strengthen your professional skills, cultural knowledge, professional network and can contribute to more areas of business. See just who you’ll learn with in the University of Bath's online MSc in Entrepreneurship Management and Innovations.

A digital shift: how COVID-19 has impacted business models

All businesses need a business model to ensure their organisation is viable. Find out how COVID-19 has the emphasised need for organisational flexibility and what this has meant for various business models in practical terms.

Entrepreneurial business strategy: how do you spot a gap in the market?

The biggest reason new businesses fail is lack of market need. When it comes to building a viable entrepreneurial business strategy, the number one thing you need to do is identify a gap in the market.

Nurture your inner entrepreneur

When someone is a successful entrepreneur, there is a tendency to believe they were born with an innate ability to innovate. In reality, for most of us, entrepreneurship and innovation is a mentality and skillset that we must develop and nurture within ourselves.

Using real-life scenarios to accelerate your business ideas

Building a successful venture from scratch requires a solid foundation in business management as well as an in depth understanding of how start-ups thrive in the real world.

Top five reasons start-ups fail (and how to ensure yours is a success)

Read this article to find out five of the top reasons start-ups can fail – and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Can entrepreneurship be learned

This article explores the question of what you can gain from a postgraduate degree in entrepreneurship and how it can lead to entrepreneurial success.

How to unlock your entrepreneurial mindset using business models

This article explores the entrepreneurial mindset and how the online MSc helps you understand business through the use of various business models and research.

Learning to look at business through a different lens

In one of the toughest business climates of modern times, how do we spark new opportunities? Core proficiencies such as data analysis, operations and ecommerce, as well as softer skills like leadership and problem solving, are key.

Dissertations – how do you pick your topic?

How to choose the right topic for you, with advice from our University of Bath online course leaders