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Interview with Business Analytics student Ross Gray

We hear from Ross Gray to learn more about his perspective on the online MSc Business Analytics at the University of Bath

Business Analytics online MSc Infographic

As you narrow down the possibilities of where to pursue your degree, consider who you’ll learn with. Your cohort can be a strong benefit to the course you select.  When your peers come from around the world and share similar professional roles, their experiences enhance your learning and worldview. By learning alongside a diverse cohort, you’ll strengthen your professional skills, cultural knowledge, professional network and can contribute to more areas of business. See just who you’ll learn with in the University of Bath's online MSc in Business Analytics.

Business Analyst: the most interesting job you’ve never heard of

Business Analysts are actually one of the most important, demanding and intellectually satisfying roles in both the public and private sectors today. Read this article to discover just six of the ways in which business analysts make a difference in the world today.

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive: three types of business analytics

Despite the clear benefits of using data analytics in decision making, many organisations are still lacking the skills they need to optimise them. Find out more about the different types of analytics and how they come into play in business.

Why data analytics could be the answer to business’s biggest dilemmas

In our digital world, only the corporations that are able to capture, analyse and capitalise on this wealth of ‘Big Data’ will benefit and hold on to customers in ever-more competitive business environments.

How to boost your career through an online Business Analytics MSc

The rise of highly automated, low-code environments has made many developer roles far more restricted. Give your career a boost with a Business Analytics online MSc.

Tap into the big opportunities in big data

With so much data being generated every single day, there are many challenges for businesses trying to maximise data-driven insights.