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Finding the career path for you

Although these career-orientated decisions may seem overwhelming, deciding on your future path does not have to be intimidating when you take the following simple steps.

Find your future with an online MSc

Here we discuss ways to narrow down your choice of MSc, particularly if you have a business, science, technology, economics or mathematical background. In many cases, the core skills of these disciplines cross over, unlocking a wide range of rewarding careers, from IT to banking.

Where can an MSc in AI take you?

As well as providing a broad picture of AI, crucially the course highlights its application in the real world, notably through practical experience of key theories and principles. Find out more about opportunities you can derive from this online MSc.

Top five reasons start-ups fail (and how to ensure yours is a success)

Read this article to find out five of the top reasons start-ups can fail – and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

How to boost your career through an online Business Analytics MSc

The rise of highly automated, low-code environments has made many developer roles far more restricted. Give your career a boost with a Business Analytics online MSc.

Where studying an Applied Economics online MSc can take you

This article explores the varied career pathways which an online MSc in Applied Economics (Banking and Finance) can bolster.

Which online MSc is the best choice for your future?

Choosing to study an online degree isn't something you should do on a whim. This article will help you decide which online MSc degree is right for you.

How can an online MSc help my career?

In the UK, Master’s degrees are highly regarded by employers. It can help you stand out from the rest. We talk about how an MSc degree can help your career.

What is the first step to career reinvention?

Changing career can lead you to a better future, but where do you begin? Learn how to take that vital first step towards a successful career reinvention. 

Top tips for a successful personal statement

Writing a personal statement is with no doubt a challenging and daunting task. It may seem an impossible task to cram all the complexities and nuances that make you your own person into one single sheet of paper.