As an online student at the University of Bath, you will receive continued support throughout your studies. Our online degrees are designed to fit around your current commitments, so our team at the University of Bath are equipped to understand your individual needs and circumstances. 

Our dedicated team are there to help you succeed in your studies, as well as achieve your full potential in the professional opportunities you come across. Here you can find out where to go in order to access the guidance you are looking for whilst studying online with us.

Student support

If you seek assistance or have any non-academic questions during your studies, you can get in contact with our student support team. Our support team provide a constant point of contact throughout the duration of your studies with the University of Bath. You will be able to contact them as you study each different unit, and they will make sure you are equipped with any general information you need during your Master’s. The student support team will be able to fill you in on University policies and procedures and provide a valuable resource for you as you complete your course.

Technical support

If you have any questions about the virtual learning environment, you should contact our technical support team, available 24/7. If you experience any technical difficulties with the platform, we recommend you get in touch with this team who will be ready to assist you in trouble-shooting your issue. They are also on hand to help with information on how to upload a graded assignment to Engage, the virtual learning environment platform. It is worth noting that you will also be provided with training on how to use Engage, including practice on how to upload an assignment in your induction week before you begin your studies with us.


You will also receive support from faculty. Your unit tutor will be in contact throughout the course via Engage, providing feedback and guidance through announcements. The main ways for students to reach out to faculty are through Engage, where you can directly message faculty, or through email. If you have a question relating to the unit content or an assignment, you should get in contact with your unit leader. Alternatively, if your query pertains to the course more generally, we recommend you reach out to your course leader. 

Online library services

Should you have any queries relating to finding or accessing your reading, we encourage you to contact our library services. You can access our online library containing online copies of texts and our e-collections. In addition, you are welcome, but not obligated to visit the university library. You can do so through emailing our library services to apply for your Bath identification card.

Career services

Additional resources you can access when you become a student with the University of Bath online include our professional services, through which you can access career advice. Through our career services, you can gather information, advice and guidance on your career, both whilst you are a student and after you graduate. We are committed to connecting you with prospective employers and providing advice which helps you get ahead in your career. 

Further resources

Another useful resource is SCONUL Access, a scheme which will allow you to borrow or use books and journals from other libraries belonging to the scheme. This enables you to access physical copies of texts from your local university library, if they are a member of this scheme.

Whether you have a general, academic, technical, or career-related query, the University of Bath is on hand to support you throughout the duration of your studies, in order to ensure your success at every turn. For more information please  complete the form below and a member of our team will be in contact.

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