The huge growth in sophisticated technologies, such as AI, cybersecurity and robotics, has led to a dramatic surge in demand for qualified computer scientists, as businesses push for competitive advantage.

According to the Royal Society, demand for computer specialists, like data scientists and data engineers, has more than tripled since 2014 – a trend that seems set to continue.

From finance to pharmaceuticals, nearly every industry sector is calling out for digital expertise. As businesses advance, so does the need for systems developers, programmers, and IT consultants, as well as specialists in evolving fields like AI and robotics.

By gaining the necessary skills in these specialist areas, you will be far more attractive to prospective employers. Similarly, if you’re looking to progress in your current role, you can gain the tools to take that next step.

The Institute of Coding (IoC), a partnership of academia and industry committed to filling the digital skills gap, estimates that 518,000 highly trained digital specialists are needed in the UK by 2022 to support the digital economy. Computer science as a career is so highly regarded that the IoC found that only 13% of graduates were still unemployed six months after completing their studies. As a founding member of the IoC, the University of Bath regularly draws on these insights, plus its industry connections.

As well the additional expertise, acquiring a masters in computer science gives you a commanding position when it comes to salary too. Morgan McKinley found that the salaries of IT professionals who switched to a new role in 2018 rose by 20.7%.

More know-how, confidence and financial rewards – the advantages of further study are clear. You would expect these benefits to come with sacrifices, for example giving up work or moving home. With online study, that is not the case. With 100% online courses, you have the flexibility to study around your professional and family commitments. Due to the latest online technology, you will experience the same level of immersion and interaction with peers and lecturers as you would if you were in a physical classroom setting.

With topics ranging from software engineering and cybersecurity to programming and human–computer interaction, the University of Bath’s Computer Science online MSc will help you develop a host of career-centred skills. It’s this unique combination of practical and theoretical knowledge that is key to preparing you for the challenges of computing in a digital world.

Achieving a masters in computer science not only equips you with the skills to meet today’s demand; through renewed confidence and career progression it unlocks a world of opportunity in both your professional and your personal life.

Where will an online masters take you? Find out more about the University of Bath Computer Science online MSc.

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