It’s a challenge that you hear organisations cite time and time again: do more with less.

But how?

Some companies obsess over efficiency gains, constantly seeking new ways to cut costs and slash headcount. But it doesn’t work. Research shows that organisations that have made redundancies in an attempt to do more with less, actually damage the business. After such cuts, studies have found that surviving workers experienced a 41% decline in job satisfaction, a 36% decline in organisational commitment, and a 20% decline in job performance.

That’s because in the real world, life isn’t as simple as cutting a few people to save a few pounds. There are other factors at play that need to be properly considered and taken into account.

Economics for the real world

Studying economics will give you the rigorous training required to delve into the realm of financial economics, micro and macroeconomics: with a focus also on behavioural economics, public economics, environmental economics, growth and development. But you won’t just learn the theory behind the models.

When you choose to study an online MSc in Applied Economics with the University of Bath, you’re given the opportunity to learn how to apply those models to the real world. By placing your academic knowledge into the context of real situations, you’ll see the true impact of your ideas and understand why you can’t always take simple measures.

The University of Bath’s Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc is taught by world-class academics, whose research is recognised for its international importance. It means that you’ll have the opportunity to learn from people that truly understand why some ideas fly, while others fail. You will also be challenged to reconsider your own assumptions and beliefs when evaluating your studies.

The course curriculum is a thorough exploration of economics in practice, with 13 investigative units and a final Master’s project. The course includes units that will discuss strategic decision making and games, which delves into game theory and how it can be used to make sense of economic, social and political agendas. It also looks at applied macro and microeconomics, alongside applied econometrics, which will teach you how to undertake empirical analysis of economic relationships.

Flexible teaching to suit your world

Studying with the University of Bath, you can expect the very best standard in teaching – as recognised by the Gold Teaching Excellence Framework award. Our lecturers will develop your knowledge of how to analyse, interpret and critically evaluate economic data and research, by applying these principles and responding to economic and policy issues.

But a great education doesn’t have to come at the expense of your other commitments.

We recognise that students embarking on a master’s degree have probably started their career and have other personal and/or family responsibilities which you can’t afford to just drop.

Delivered as an online course, the MSc in Applied Economics is designed to enable you to continue your learning without having to pause your career.

Your future job prospects

Employability is prioritised by the University of Bath’s Applied Economics online course. It has been recognised by The Guardian 2020, which rates our undergraduate economics degrees fifth for career prospects after six months. Furthermore, The Complete University Guide 2020 places our Economics degree in the UK top ten.

You’ll become part of an international community that allows you to learn from your peers from across the world, seeing what has and hasn't worked in other countries and organisations, and to apply those lessons learned to your own studies.

Become immersed in the dynamic online environment for easy access to course content and networking opportunities with other students. This will help you fulfil your potential and maximise your job prospects.

To find out more about how our Applied Economics online MSc could help you become more successful, please fill in our online form to request more information.

Authored on 11.09.19


The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing. Course elements, rankings, and other data may change. Please refer to the online courses page for the most up-to-date details.

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