Choosing a career path is a hugely important decision to make when you are just out of education. Did you know about all the opportunities that were open to you? Did you know the difference between working for a small company and a large enterprise? Had you even considered the possibility of going for it independently and setting up your own business?

Fast-forward a few years and you have entered the world of work. You’ve spent time establishing your career, gaining the necessary skills and experience to work your way up the corporate ladder.

Then you realise this job just isn’t right for you any more. The trouble is, most organisations can’t support your change of heart; research from Deloitte shows that just 18% of organisations are able to let their employees carve new pathways for their careers.

Time for a change

There comes a point when it is no longer a case of switching jobs; you need to make a positive change for your future and reinvent your career. A recent YouGov survey found that 41% of British workers are thinking about switching careers, with 66% considering retraining to help them make the change.

Reinventing your career is beneficial for several reasons. It can help you gain perspective and see an alternative point of view, which ultimately increases the impact you have at work. Applying a new way of thinking gives new meaning to the work you were doing before or helps you to see challenges in a new light, which brings a new energy to the organisation.

Retraining is also a great way to ensure self-improvement and help you to create the best version of yourself. Often, when working within an organisation, you are confined to the limitations of your role, function or business operation. Through stepping outside these boundaries, you finally get to see what you are capable of achieving.

Where to start?

Unless you have a very clear idea of your next career move, it pays to keep your options open with transferable skills. Here at the University of Bath, we are ranked 4th for employment by the Guardian University Guide 2020. We offer several online MSc courses that are designed to support you in your next role – whatever that may be.

Here’s how two of our online courses can kickstart your career in a brand new direction.

Growing opportunities with computer science

One of the biggest skills gaps that organisations struggle to fill is digital expertise; 75% of company executives are experiencing challenges in digital recruitment in the UK. Increasing your technical skills and knowledge could really enhance your job prospects.

Developed and taught by a practicing group of influential computer scientists, our online MSc Computer Science degree is designed to show you how emerging technologies are shaping the way we live and work in the 21st century. It will provide you with a solid foundation on which to forge a new career in the digital world. The emphasis is on computing in real-life settings, so you can apply it to any technical role, whatever your previous experience.

Challenge the status quo with entrepreneurship management and innovation

Traditionally, organisations operate within a tightly-defined hierarchy, each business function working to achieve its business goals within a set budget. Today’s world doesn’t work like this. Increasingly, organisations are forming project-based groups which are pulled together with the purpose of achieving a single set objective and then disbanded.

Studying our online MSc in Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation, you’ll start to see how a business is a single, interconnected entity. Our course provides immediate access to cutting-edge research, guest speakers, insight from our real-world business connections, and collaboration with our international student population. With sight of the big picture you can look beyond the standard, siloed ways of thinking, and approach each new business challenge in a new and innovative way.

Making the change

One of the main benefits of our online courses is their practical nature, allowing you the freedom to study in a way that suits you best, considering all your current work and personal commitments.

Broken into several units, you have the time to perform a deep dive into each topic. Our tutors will challenge you to demonstrate critical thinking, reflecting and incorporating your own real-world experiences. The Virtual Learning Environment enables you to work with your peers from around the world, an experience from which you can draw new insights, connections and networks.

So, if career reinvention is on your radar, ensure that one of our online courses is too. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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