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How to be empowered by the online learning journey

Online learning is increasing in popularity as ambitious professionals seek to continuously improve their skill sets to further their careers.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

So, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in today’s world? At the University of Bath, we believe it’s more than simply owning a business; it’s a state of mind. We’ve taken a closer look at what being entrepreneurial is all about.

Top tips for a successful personal statement

Writing a personal statement is with no doubt a challenging and daunting task. It may seem an impossible task to cram all the complexities and nuances that make you your own person into one single sheet of paper.

Why study the Applied Economics online MSc?

Some companies obsess over efficiency gains, constantly seeking new ways to cut costs and slash headcount. But it doesn’t work. Research shows that organisations that have made redundancies in an attempt to do more with less, actually damage the business.

Why study the Computer Science Online MSc?

Our world is changing, and having a digital skillset is paramount in today's economy – no matter what the business or sector. Over two-thirds of companies are struggling to fill vacancies for digital roles.

Why study the Entrepreneurship online MSc?

Building an enterprise from the ground up is the ultimate career aspiration for many but, alongside passion, innovation and hard work, business startup success requires a set of key business skills.