Short Description

Gain an in-depth knowledge of practical artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI controls real-time autonomous systems, including autonomous robots, scientific simulations, and virtual-reality characters. You’ll develop fundamental vocational skills in constructing the three types of intelligent system covered. You’ll also acquire an understanding of intelligence in nature, so you can critically evaluate and compare natural and artificial intelligence systems. You will develop research and information retrieval skills so that you can write short conference papers, taking advantage of cutting-edge research and disseminating findings.

You’ll learn to:

  • Evaluate available options for mechanical real-world perception
  • Critically evaluate and recommend appropriate technologies for informing robotic control
  • Compare and evaluate mechanisms for sequencing actions, and implement appropriate mechanisms of action selection on a variety of platforms
  • Form predictions of the consequences of simple actions being performed by a large number of agents
  • Identify and evaluate intelligent control algorithms from journal and conference literature
  • Communicate your knowledge by writing short conference-style publications