Short Description

Find out about the development of computer software, including problem analysis, establishing requirements, designing, implementing and evaluating. You will be provided with the terminology and concepts of programming, irrespective of the language being used. You will gain practical skills in terms of reading and writing programs and producing programs to solve real-world problems. You will gain confidence in the programming languages we teach, and confidence in your ability to learn different programming languages and styles of programming.

You’ll learn to:

  • Describe the design of a computer program separately from its implementation
  • Explain the basic concepts of procedural and object-orientated programming in the design and implementation of computer programs
  • Explain debugging and testing methods and how they contribute to robust code
  • Design, construct and evaluate simple data structures and algorithms
  • Plan, organise and implement program code to support reuse and maintainability of the software
  • Provide a critical review of software in terms of quality, design, reuse and robustness, and offer solutions to correct issues encountered